Ask your photographer about location ideas or if you have a favorite place let them know so he or she can visit it before the photo shoot. Being familiar with the location allows us to better plan the photo shoot and develop ideas related to the place. Choosing a theme or activity that reflects your interests and personalities can be a good start point for your nyc engagement photo shoot. From experience we already have a standard set of poses but are open to suggestions and will integrate your ideas into the photo shoot. In fact we always get new ideas and inspiration from our couples.
The best you can do to get great engagement photograps is to loosen up and be yourself and the rest will follow. Trust your photographer with the directions. Even if you think some poses look awkward, who knows, later you might even like the picture. With today's digital cameras we can take hundreds of pictures in just couple of hours and delete half of them later. So don't think about or focus on the individual shots. They don't matter. What matters is the photo shoot as a whole. Think about it as a game between you and the photographer. This approach will help to bring out the true yourself and let your personality shine in the pictures.
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